Free Tailoring Center

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

India's youth faces serious problems of unemployment and underemployment. The causes are legion and include dropping out of high school because of poor education, needing to support one's family at an early age, a lack of information on the job market and most importantly, not possessing the basic skills required by employers today. Many youth engage in daily wage work unaware of the opportunities available to them. Mother Teresa Vocational Training Units help provide individuals with practical skills. The aim is to create sustainable youth skilling programs for employment in industry and to foster entrepreneurship. Our objectives are,

  • To provide vocational skills training and subsequent job opportunities to underprivileged youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • To help youth build confidence and develop the foundational skills needed to succeed in the professional world.
  • To meet the labor demands of high-growth sectors in India.
  • To create entrepreneurs through mentoring and financial support.
  • To attain self-sustainability
  • To achieve economic development

Mother Teresa Charitable Trust organizes free tailoring centers in various parts of the Indian sub-continent through our execution wing Mother Teresa Forum volunteers. . Join our venture to transform the society.

Our Free Tailoring Center in Various Places

Tailoring Centre 1
Tailoring Centre 2
Tailoring Centre 3
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