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Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Free education is education funded through government spending. In many countries Primary school and other comprehensive or compulsory education is free..

Tutoring began as an informal and unstructured method of educational assistance. Coaching involves a collaborative approach. Coaches try to help students learn how they best learn and how to operate in an academic environment. Tutors help students learn the material in individual courses while coaches help students learn how to be successful in school. Coaches work with students in all kinds of situations, not just those who are struggling academically.

Mother Teresa Charitable Trust runs tuition centers in few districts of Tamil Nadu and New Delhipresently.. Our aim is to provide supplementary education to children of rural and slum areas in order to bring them up to an academic level where they can compete with children from developed urban areas. Secondary schools in urban or semi-urban areas are without supplemental help; the leap from village school to secondary school often results in truancy (drop-out) and depression. For Slum Children, being financially weak, quality education still remains elusive, irrespective of their geographical proximity to it. MTCT provides poor rural children to have access to free tuition at our Study Centers. These centers are established basically to enhance the school experience of the village children by providing them assistance in completing their homework, clarifying their doubts in their subjects, paying more attention to weaker subjects and to provide the children with some nutritional supplement. Besides we encourage them in sports activities, gardening, yoga etc . They also learn life skills like spoken English, eco-protection, arts & crafts , personality development etc. Awareness on tree planting, cleanliness, good habitual practices, toilet usage, etc. are taught to them. Each of our centers has 25-30 children between the ages of 5 years to 15 years. Classes will be of 2 hours daily. Our society is in need of more such centers.

Our Free Tuition Center in Utthankarai, Krishnagiri District

  • For Admission Please Contact - Mr. ShanmugaSundaram - Cell: 9941404000
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Our Free Tuition Center in Delhi

  • For Admission Please Contact - Mr. Avisekh - Cell: 09717886106, 09899315919
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